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Loyalty to your usual supplier… is it worth the wait?

Water is one of life's essentials. Like food and air, we simply can't live without it. Which is why I am often amazed to hear that during the dry months, some folks choose to go without water while they wait for their favorite carrier! Now that's loyalty! It really is amazing the loyalty that people have for their regular water supplier. And I guess that is understandable, after all it is quite a personal thing to invite somebody onto your property to bring you drinking water and once you have someone that you know and trust, you want to stick with them - which is great! But what if they aren't available? Worse yet, what if they aren't available for several days...or even weeks! Should you hold out for them? Or is it OK to get somebody else who can deliver more quickly?

Well, take it from us, although we really appreciate our customer's loyalty, we would never want you or your family to go without water while you wait for us! Just don't, you HAVE TO HAVE WATER! Even a few days without water is likely to affect your lifestyle, any longer and it may even impact your health. So why not have a "backup" water carrier. You can always go back to your usual carrier (hopefully us!) when they have availability. Honestly we don't mind! The most important thing is that you have water when you need it.

But hopefully, if you already use us then you know we have some of the fastest response times in our industry. This year we hope to do even better with a full-time superstar (Jen) manning the phones so no more frustration trying to get hold of me while I'm driving or pumping!

Also we now have three full-time drivers so we can get to you faster than ever!

So what do you think? Call me loyal? Or show me the water! :)