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Spring Water Vs City Water – which is right for you?

Spring Water Vs City Water - which is right for you and your family? It's of course quite subjective but worth discussing none-the-less, and there are pros and cons to each. But first off, let's define what we are talking about by "Spring Water" and "City Water":
For the purposes of this article, we will include Bore Water and Spring Water together, as most people think of these as the same thing. Essentially we are talking about "raw" or untreated water that comes from an underground aquifer rather than rain water from the sky. The water from these aquifers may be brought to the surface under natural pressure (a spring) or pumped mechanically as is done in most bore water installations. Often the water will then be stored in water tanks before being pumped again into the truck which brings it out to you. Normally the water is untreated, meaning that it is not chlorinated although it may be filtered to remove metals and sediments which occur naturally in the water as it comes from underground. Importantly, as long as the water comes from a registered carrier, it must still meet drinking water standards and must be tested regularly to ensure public safety. However as the water is untreated, extra care must be taken to ensure contamination does not occur throughout the retrieval, storage and delivery process....TBC