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Covid 19 – extra precautions we take to deliver your drinking water safely during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Wow! 2020, what a year it's been! Although the team of 5 million has done a great job, who can deny the impact that covid has had on all our lives, even here in little ole New Zealand.

As an essential service, we have been working right through, ensuring that fresh clean drinking water has been available for all our customers. During the lockdowns, we felt like we had the roads all to ourselves! 

Although drinking water must always be handled with a great deal of care, during the pandemic of course we have taken extra precautions. All our drivers have had extra training in hygiene and health and safety standards to ensure the safety of all our customers. Some of the extra precautions we have undertaken:

- Additional cleans added (bi-weekly) of trucks, hoses and fittings
- Hand sanitizer placed in the cab of each truck
- Sterilization solution added to each truck box
- Gloves and masks added to driver PPE (personal protective equipment)

In addition, we introduced an online booking option and encourage online payment rather than cash. During the level 3 and 4 lockdowns, we were able to deliver water while maintaining social distancing at all times.

We really appreciate your support while doing our very best to serve you safely. It was so encouraging to see everyone really making an effort.

Thanks from the team at Water HQ! Stay safe Auckland!